The future of tennis footwear is here. 4 years of development and testing with the world’s best tennis footwear engineers, we are proud to introduce you to a revolutionary product that is a true game changer.


You’ll cover more court in fewer steps as you move, slide, hit and recover to the next ball up to 30% faster.

Enhances natural speed, agility and quickness by providing the right amount of slide and traction.

Allows for commanding shots on the run, even stretched out wide shots.

Lets you control forward and lateral slide on hard court.

30% Faster Recovery


Rigorously engineered and play-tested, the W Labs brings you the ultimate shoe that gets you to every ball faster than a shoe without Glide technology. Up to 30% faster.

*Based upon test conducted by Amer Sports Footwear Laboratory of Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology in 2014 comparing Wilson Glide to a conventional tennis shoe

How it Works

Learn here if Glide is the right shoe for you and watch our training video to learn the Gliding technique.

Remember: Training is an important part of perfecting the slide on hard-court and getting the most out of the Glide shoe.


Points are won or lost in a matter of milliseconds, so Wilson footwear scientists and engineers had the goal of making the first and only shoe in the world to slide on hardcourt. They spent four long years at the Wilson Lab engineering and testing a shoe that uses sliding to enhance speed and agility to give players an edge – one that helps players recover to the next ball up to 30% faster than regular tennis shoes.
Currently, Glide is available at select tennis pro shops and specialty stores. Here’s a list of current retailers:
Unfortunately, Glide is not currently available for purchase from online retailers.
Glide is currently available in a blue and red colorway. In 2016, an orange and black colorway will become available at select retail stores.
Glide is made for competitive players who want to evolve with the new, faster speed of tennis. Glide enhances players’ speed and agility by providing a shoe solution that allows them to slide on hardcourt. It’s for players who want to speed-up recovery to the next ball for better shot preparation, defense, and commanding shots on the stretch. Clay players accustomed to sliding will have a natural transition to using Glide on hardcourts, while players new to sliding will require some footwork training to learn how to use the shoe.
Yes, you’ll need to train with Glide before playing. Wilson has developed a Glide training method that will help you learn how to slide with Glide. Watch the Glide training video here.
Yes, but you’ll need a little training to get used to the shoe and how it slides on hardcourt. Learn more about the Glide training method here. You’ll also want to make sure muscles are prepared with a proper warm up as muscle exertion is high when you slide.
Glide is designed specifically for use on hard court (Acrylic: textured, pigmented, resin-bound coating, GreenSet type). It is not meant to be used on clay, grass, artificial grass, artificial clay, asphalt, concrete or carpet courts. You will experience even better performance from the Glide shoe the longer the court surface is in place. Newer, grittier surfaces create more friction for the shoe, while courts that have been in place for a bit of time allow you to enjoy the full benefits of the shoe. Glide is not intended for casual or street wear due to the design of its sole that is made for tennis court use. Players should change Glide at the tennis court before and after play.
Glide is designed to last longer than a standard tennis shoe. It’s reinforced with rubber drag pads located in the important toe and inner areas. Also, the soles have shown extreme durability during global testing. The durability varies slightly according to your weight and how well you’ve perfected the sliding technique.
Yes, Glide is the only shoe on the market specially made to slide on hardcourt.
In 2014, a test of Glide was conducted by Wilson Labs in partnership with the world-renowned French lab PPRIME. The test compared a player’s recovery time with Glide versus a conventional tennis shoe. The results were groundbreaking. Results showed that players were able to cover more court in less time while sliding in Glide and repositioning themselves to the next shot. The economy of their movements from sliding made all the difference in faster recovery after forehands (42% faster) and backhands (21% faster).
Two glide plates on each shoe are made of a special polyethylene. They are strategically sized and placed on the shoe’s outsole to provide the optimal amount of slide only when you decide you need it.
No, you can perform all the regular movements you make while playing – starting, stopping, running, shuffling, backpedaling, etc. The shoe’s glide plates only engage when you choose to slide.
High traction Rubber Duralast areas of the outsole surround the glide plates, so once a player’s slide is complete, the player [or he/she] can explode to the next ball.
Yes, you’re in full control on how far you want to slide. You decide when you want your slide to end. When you’re done sliding, the shoe’s Rubber Duralast areas provide the high traction you’ll need to make your move to the next ball.
Glide’s suggested retail price is $199.
Yes, the model is unisex. Use the table below to find your size. Size Chart
14.4 oz / 409g [M’s US size 9]
The Endofit tongue hugs the foot closely in the correct places to ensure an intuitive fit, maximum comfort and added stability.
Yes. Glide is an innovative “court shoe” – meaning that it’s intended for specific use on tennis hard courts (not on clay courts, omni courts, and quick, concrete courts). Glide is not intended for casual or street wear due to the design of its sole that is made for tennis court use. Players should change Glide at the tennis court before and after play. To enhance performance while using this shoe, please follow all manufacturer instructions. The advantages of Glide, when used properly, are demonstrated on our Glide microsite. Watch training video at


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Austin Tennis Academy
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Weil Tennis Academy (Ojai, CA)
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Dickson Tennis (Seattle, WA)
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Blue Chip Tennis Academy
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Universal Tennis Academy in Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)
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Billie Jean King Tennis Center (Long Beach, CA)
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Blue and red Glide colorway available now at select retailers listed.

Orange and black Glide colorway will be available nationwide at select retailers in 2016.

Available nationwide in 2016