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20 July 2011

Wilson Official New Partner of the 2nd German Basketball Division (DJL)

[GARCHING] - When the NCAA tournament is on the line, players and coaches turn to Wilson for the game's best performing Basketball. For more than eight years, Wilson has been the official Basketball of the NCAA Men's and Women's Championships (Final 4). Over 450 NCAA teams have selected Wilson as their ball of choice.
After signing official ball deals in EMEA (Italy, Finland, Hungary, Russia etc.) we are now very proud to announce Wilson as the Official Basketball & Ball Partner of the 2nd Basketball Division in Germany (DJL). The contract will be a 3 year deal, starting July 2011 into its first season.

Head of DJL Nicolas Grundmann, Wilson Business Manager Chris Weber and CEO of the  2nd Basketball-Bundesliga Holding Martin Hornberger (left to right)

The DJL consists of 40 professional teams all over Germany that are organized in a Pro A and Pro B league. More than 500 games will be played each season that attract several hundred thousand of German Basketball fans. Germany is one of the biggest Basketball markets in Europe and therefore a big opportunity for Wilson to generate higher attention.

The official game ball will be our Solution Game ball including the DJL logo that already has been tested and approved by German pro players and league officials.

Wilson always provided their equipment to top athletes and young talented players in the NCAA with more than 450 colleges. Therefore the addition of the DJL perfectly goes along with the idea of supporting young talented German players performing the best with the best possible equipment. Wilson Solution Basketballs include patented Moisture Absorbing Composite Leather Cover Technology that provides a perfect grip ability and control for pro players. The ball also provides Leather Pebbled Channels that is unique to a Basketball game ball, which absorbs the sweat inside the black channels of the ball. The Wilson Cushion Core Technology helps to retain air retention. The ball is designed for the highest level of competitive play and was very well received by all 2nd league pro players when testing the new game ball. "We are absolutely convinced about the quality of the Wilson balls and very happy to have the chance to offer such a high-end product to our teams and players". (Head of DJL Nicolas Grundmann)

Wilson's dominance on the court comes from producing the game's first ever moisture absorbing and easy-to-handle Basketball. Countless blind play tests by pro and college players show that Wilson is the preferred Basketball of all levels of play. Wilson Basketballs as the official game ball in many leagues and tournaments provides better grip, control and touch. Wilson's patented technologies give its Basketballs consistent performance until the final buzzer sound and this now also in the German league DJL.

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