NEW Wilson Staff FG Tour

The new Wilson Staff FG Tour four-piece urethane tour ball sets a new standard for the discerning player. As the softest tour ball designed for the Feel (F) player, the FG Tour guarantees exceptional distance from the tee, best-in-class spin around the greeen and unmatched soft feel.

Wilson Staff is so confident in the performance of this ball, we are offering a money back guarantee. With each purchase of a dozen, you receive a free 2-ball trial pack.

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Each layer is uniquely designed for optimal performance. The soft core provides feel and low driver spin, both mantle layers promote maximized velocity and the cast urethane cover generates tour-quality spin and control.


At 70 compression, this groundbreaking technology provides the softest feel of any high performance urethane golf ball.


This ball guarantees a stable and penetrating flight trajectory in even the toughest wind conditions.

Product Specs

Logo Option Yes
Layers Four
Dimple Count 318
Cover Urethane
Compression 70
Packaging 12 Ball PLUS 2-ball Pack
Ball Type Feel, Spin, Distance
SKU Description
WGWP25300 Wilson Staff FG Tour Golf Ball

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For the premium player desiring the softest golf balls as well as distance off the tee. Wilson Staff is the leader in low compression technology.

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