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24 January 2011

From Ohio to the Super Bowl, Wilson Makes an American Tradition

Wilson's Football Factory is a family of leather perfectionists, dedicated to making the centerpiece of America's most beloved game.

Ada, Ohio (January 21, 2011) -- Before the Super Bowl and all of its celebrated traditions become part of the most-watched spectacle of the year, 120 employees at the Wilson Football Factory in Ada, Ohio will enjoy the last Divisional Championship game together before they begin a diligent two-day endeavor to deliver the Super Bowl XLV game balls

In this small town, just two hours west of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, there is a tradition every bit as enduring as the Super Bowl itself. Not only does the world's only dedicated football factory continue to make every NFL game ball, but the workers will again gather to eat, debate and watch the Championship games that will ultimately decide whose team logo gets imprinted in leather.

From the standpoint of football tradition, the NFL couldn't have willed better match ups. Green Bay and Chicago will reignite a scintillating rivalry and the Jets will revisit the Steelers in one last brawl at Heinz Field. When the game clock hits 0:00, the stitching, lacing and leather-crafting experts will start making more than 216 official NFL Super Bowl XLV game balls - complete with the two teams' names inscribed on the panels - and they'll be ready to ship directly to the Super Bowl contenders in under 24 hours.

As part of every NFL game since 1941, only Wilson has been a part of every winning moment on every NFL field. For those 120 workers in Ada, their pride in winning isn't just a tradition reserved for game days - they'll turn out over 700,000 Wilson game footballs throughout the year.

"For every Super Bowl, Wilson takes great pride in being a big part of this American tradition that's been passed down from generation to generation," says Dan Riegle, Wilson Factory manager. "At almost 70 years as the NFL's official game ball, with employees that average more than 23 years of experience here in Ada, we're honored to be a part of every point that's ever been scored."

After the Super Bowl XLV game balls have been shipped, the NFL Experience will open on January 27 at the Dallas Convention Center. At the NFL's exclusive interactive festival, Wilson will have assembled a miniature version of its Ada-based Wilson Football Factory. Here, the same hands that have been crafting NFL footballs, some for the past 45 years, will demonstrate how an NFL game ball is made. For those at home who want to follow the NFL Experience online, Wilson will share its participation on Twitter and Facebook.

Additionally, Wilson will be releasing its collection of the Top 10 Super Bowl winning moments with its fans at . Some of the greatest moments in football history have been told through the amazing feats of the players - and Wilson has been in their hands. Follow along at

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