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04 January 2011

X-Series Shoulder Pads: 50% More Impact than the Competition

Introducing the future of football protection, the X Series Shoulder Pad.  Years in development, the Wilson X Series was built to add mobility, protection and comfort for today's football players . This Break through design and technology offers multi layered protection in areas that may become exposed on traditional shoulder pads.  Offering increased impact protection* in the areas that takes the hardest hits including the sternum and other "stinger" areas, the X Series gives players added protection and confidence and is more impact absorbing* than the competition.

The Wilson X Series Shoulder Pad combines revolutionary new technology to the traditional shoulder pad by introducing Wilson Right Fit Technology, Carbon Flex Plating and the Hygenex Removable Pad System.  Only Wilson offers Right Fit Technology's four points of Velcro adjustment, eliminating all buckles and lost parts and providing better fit and protection.  The Carbon Flex Plating is strategically placed to allow the pad to conform to the players body.  These components, added with the machine washable Hygenex Removable Pad System allows for the most versatile Pad on the market.
*Data based on test performed by Deyork Ltd. Testing Laboratory on 9/27/2007