How well do you know the game?

If you think pigskins are still used to make footballs or that the same ball is used to kick during an NFL game as is used to throw…you should probably brush up on some of these facts:

Number of Wilson football only factories in the world: 1
Number of Wilson football only factories in America: 1
First year Wilson began making the Official NFL Game Ball: 1941
First year that the Wilson Factory in Ada, Ohio began producing Official NFL Footballs: 1955
Total number of footballs produced annually at the Ada Football Factory: Over 700,000
Total number of workers employed by the Wilson football factory in Ada, Ohio: 120
Average number of years employed by Wilson for Ada Football Factory workers: 23
Average number of footballs made by a single cowhide: 10
Pounds of air pressure in a NFL game ball: 13 psi
Total number of NFL game balls used during the Super Bowl: 120 Dozen (incl. 12 Kicker Balls)
Number of laces found on a NFL game ball: 1
Total number of lace holes on a NFL game ball: 16
Total number of panels found on a NFL game ball: 4
Difference between the regular NFL game ball and NFL kicker ball: Letter "K" is printed on the kicker ball
The special "watermark" that is printed on a Wilson football to prove that it is authentic: The letter "W"