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With over 50 grams of weight reduction compared to traditional drivers, the D-100 Driver optimally distributes mass across the grip, shaft and newly engineered head. By maintaining a preferred swing weight through this proper weight distribution, the D-100 Driver is The Right Light.

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Lightest Driver Wilson Golf has Ever Engineered

- Improved, next generation of Superlight optimizes grip, shaft and head for combined club weight of 269 grams, enhancing the ability to swing faster with the same effort 

Enhanced Cup Face Design and Variable Face Thickness Technology

- 9% hotter CT fires the ball with greater speed and distance. Variable thickness in the large, deep face creates an immense sweet spot for more forgiveness on off-center drives

Chemically-Etched Crown 

- An optimized crown weight is realised by relocating non-essential weight to the sole for a lower, deeper center of gravity to heighten launch angle and increase MOI for forgiveness and more fairways hit 

Product Specs
Head Volume 460CC
Grip Golf Pride Tour 25
Shaft Options Matrix OZIK HD4.1
Flex Options S, R, A
Player Category All
Hand RH, LH
Offset -
Standard Lengths 46.0
Player All
WGW250000S9 D-100 DRV(S) MRH 9.0 46.0" D2 S
WGW250000R105 D-100 DRV(R) MRH 10.5 46.0" D2 A
WGW250000S105 D-100 DRV(S) MRH 10.5 46.0" D2 S
WGW250000A105 D-100 DRV(A) MRH 10.5 46.0" D2 A
WGW250000R12 D-100 DRV(R) MRH 12.0 46.0" D2 A
WGW250000A12 D-100 DRV(A) MRH 12.0 46.0" D2 A
WGW250000LR105 D-100 DRV(R) MLH 10.5 46.0" D2 R


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