Wilson Staff The Right Light Technology

The Right Lightâ„¢ technology, engineered by the Wilson Golf R&D team for the D-100 Family of golf clubs, is for every player but is not just about being as light as possible. SuperLight technology infuses limited available mass to create a powerful, solid-feeling, balanced golf club, increasing club head speeds with the same swing effort for greater distance. The key to engineering The Right Lightâ„¢ is optimizing this limited weight for proper distribution among the head, shaft and grip to achieve the best performance for each specific club.

Wilson Staff Half & Half Golf Club Shaft Technology

In 2010, Wilson Staff introduced the industry's first half graphite and half steel shaft combination in the Wilson Staff D-FY Combo Set .  The patent-pending Half & Half shaft delivers the best of both worlds; the feel and speed of graphite fused with the consistency and performance of steel.  It is great for any player looking for higher club head speed and an overall power boost.

Wilson Staff Wide-Tip Golf Club Shaft Technology

85% of all shots are struck from the center to the toe of a club.  Wilson's patented wide-tip shaft technology features a low-torque shaft tip that prevents the club head from twisting on off-center hits and longer, straighter ball flight.

FYbrid Technology

FYbrid Technology is a fusion of a fairway wood and a hybrid.  The FYbrid club is a 41" length and a 19.5 deg  lofted club to make it easier to hit than a fairway wood and it hits longer than an average hybrid.  It is a perfect fusion of the two