D-100 Fairway Woods

SKU: WGW171500

D-100 Fairway Woods are among the lightest and easiest-to-swing on the market. The Right Light club technology delivers optimally-designed club mass properties for greater head speeds with the same swing effort.

Product Rating

Product Details

PVD Finish

- Low profile design with sleek black finish sits square and delivers ultimate confidence at address

Optimized Head Mass Properties  

- Relocated CG 11% more toward the heel makes it easier to square the club face at impact; 8% back improves launch angle and spin rate, and through chemically-etching the crown, moving it 10% lower improves feel and launch angle

Progressive Head Design 

- Tailored head and face sizes throughout the lofts deliver maximum forgiveness on all turf conditions

Product Specs
Grip Golf Pride Tour 25
Shaft Options Matrix OZIK HD5.1
Flex Options S, R, A
Player Category All
Hand RH, LH
Player All
WGW171500A D-100 FAIRWAY (A) MRH #3 15.0
WGW171500S D-100 FAIRWAY (S) MRH #3 15.0
WGW17150LR D-100 FAIRWAY (R) MLH #3 15.0
WGW171800A D-100 FAIRWAY (A) MRH #5 18.0
WGW171800R D-100 FAIRWAY (R) MRH #5 18.0
WGW171800S D-100 FAIRWAY (S) MRH #5 18.0
WGW17180LR D-100 FAIRWAY (R) MLH #5 18.0
WGW172100R D-100 FAIRWAY (R) MRH #7 21.0
WGW172100A D-100 FAIRWAY (A) MRH #7 21.0