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Infield (View all)

Wilson infield baseball gloves feature a shallow pocket so players can field the ball and quickly transition it from glove to hand to turn two.

A2K DP15 GM - 11.5"$339.95

A2K DP15 GM - 11.5"


Work the infield with Dustin Pedroia's NEW Boston Red Sox red and black Game Mod...

A2000 1787 - 11.75"$229.95

A2000 1787 - 11.75"


Extend your reach with the Black and Gunmetal Grey Wilson® A2000 1787. A popular...

A2000 1786 SS - 11.5"$229.95

A2000 1786 SS - 11.5"


Get in the game with Wilson’s most popular infield model. Preferred by MLB® ball...

A1K 1788 - 11.25"$179.95

A1K 1788 - 11.25"


The all new Wilson® A1K™ series takes the Pro Stock™ patterns and construction u...

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Pitcher (View all)

Wilson baseball pitcher's gloves have closed webs so that pitching grips will be concealed. They also feature a slightly deeper pocket for pitch changes.

A2K B2 - 11.75"$339.95

A2K B2 - 11.75"


Gain an edge over the competition with Wilson’s most popular pitcher’s model, th...

A2000 B212 - 12"$229.95

A2000 B212 - 12"


Rule the mound with the most popular glove model with MLB pitchers from Wilson, ...

A2000 B2 SS - 11.75"$229.95

A2000 B2 SS - 11.75"


Gain an edge over the competition with Wilson’s most popular pitcher’s model, th...

WTA1K0BB4OTIF A1K OTIF - 11.5"$179.95

A1K OTIF - 11.5"


The A1K OTIF is a lighter option for multi-position players who pitch and work t...

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Outfield (View all)

Wilson outfield baseball gloves have a deep pocket and extra length for the plays that require you to show your range.

A2K KP92 - 12.5"$339.95

A2K KP92 - 12.5"


Hit the field with Wilson’s most popular outfield model, the KP92. Developed wit...

A2000 KP92 - 12.5"$229.95

A2000 KP92 - 12.5"


Try the Wilson A2000 KP92 on and you’ll feel it–the countless hours of ballplaye...

A2000 OT6 SS - 12.75"$229.95

A2000 OT6 SS - 12.75"


The newest outfield model in the Wilson® lineup features a one-piece, six finger...

A1K OF1225 - 12.25"$179.95

A1K OF1225 - 12.25"


New to the Wilson glove line-up, the A1K 1225 is built off of a modified A2000 K...

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Catcher (View all)

Wilson baseball catcher's mitts for players of any skill level. Using decades of insight from MLB players, these mitts are built to keep the ball in and protect your hand.

A2K PUDGE - 32.5"$339.95

A2K PUDGE - 32.5"


The Wilson A2K® Pudge was developed with the invaluable insight of Ivan Rodrigue...

A2000 PUDGE - 32.5"$229.95

A2000 PUDGE - 32.5"


The Wilson A2000® 2403 Pudge was developed with Ivan Rodriguez and is the most p...

A2000 M1 - 33.5"$229.95

A2000 M1 - 33.5"


The Wilson A2403 M1 features an extended palm to help reduce rebound. Developed ...

WTA1K0BB4CM1714 A1K CM - 33"$179.95

A1K CM - 33"


Protect home plate with the Wilson A1K Catcher’s Mitt. Developed with Top Shelf™...

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First Base (View all)

Wilson First Base mitts features a stiff and singular finger to help with scooping and catching balls. Wilson makes these mitts to give you the durability you need game after game.

A2K 2800 - 12"$339.95

A2K 2800 - 12"


The A2K 2800 is Wilson’s most popular 1st base pattern. Its innovative pocket is...

A2000 PSB - 12"$229.95

A2000 PSB - 12"


The A2800 PSB is Wilson’s most popular 1st base model. Experience an innovative ...

SoftFit A800 - 11.5"$84.95

SoftFit A800 - 11.5"


This youth 1st base mitt from Wilson combines game soft Cheyenne Penny leather w...

A2000 1883 - 12.5"$229.95

A2000 1883 - 12.5"


Welcome the A2800 1883 back to the Wilson line-up. The A2800 1883, with its over...

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Youth (View all)

Designed specifically for developing players, these baseball gloves for kids require no break in time and are ready to play right off the shelf.

A500 Game Soft - 10.75"$49.99

A500 Game Soft - 10.75"


Designed for youth players, the 10.75” model features an H-Web which works well ...

MLB Tee Ball Glove - 10"$16.99

MLB Tee Ball Glove - 10"


Teach your favorite tee ball player how to play the game you love and support th...

A450 DP15 - 10.75"$39.99

A450 DP15 - 10.75"


The A450 DP15 is the perfect glove for young baseball players.  With an all-leat...

A360 BB11 - 11"$29.99

A360 BB11 - 11"


The 11" A360 will go a long way in the development of young ball players. This g...

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