A1K 1787 - 11.75"

The A1K 1787 features a shallow pocket that allows for a longer range and is often broken in with a flattened, flared shape.  Developed with an H-Web and an 11.75" length, this baseball glove is perfect for dual position players, especially infielders who also play the outfield.

Wilson Glove Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso developed a new snugger fitting glove pattern for MLB® All-Star Dustin Pedroia to use.  The pattern was so popular with younger players and those with smaller hands that the A1K™ ball glove line-up was created so players in all positions could benefit from a better fitting glove.  Pro Stock™ patterns, Top Shelf™ Leather, and the Pedroia Fit™ make for a glove that looks and performs as good as it fits.  

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  • 11.75"
  • Infield/Outfield Model
  • H-Web
  • Fastbreak™ Construction combines the expertise of Wilson A2000® technicians with materials optimized for a quicker break in
  • Pedroia Fit™ - All of the fit modifications Dustin Pedroia requests-including a snug fit, long laces, smaller hand opening and low profile heel
  • Low profile heel for less rebound on bad-hop grounders and to make the glove easier to close
  • Top Shelf™ Leather for durability and a custom break in
  • Rolled Dual-Welting ™ for quicker break in
  • Pro Stock™ Patterns - The same base patterns used on the legendary Wilson A2K and A2000 models

Product Specs

Throwing Hand Right
Age Group Adult
Position Infield
Series A1K

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