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Wilson infield baseball gloves feature a shallow pocket so players can field the ball and quickly transition it from glove to hand to turn two.

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Wilson infield baseball gloves feature a shallow pocket so players can field the ball and quickly transition it from glove to hand to turn two.

A2K Infield

Three Arrows

The A2K is Wilson's most premium glove model, featuring the softest and most durable leather Wilson has. All of the A2K features work together to provide a long lasting glove that breaks in faster than ever.

A2K DP15 GM - 11.5"$339.95

A2K DP15 GM - 11.5"


Work the infield with Dustin Pedroia's NEW Boston Red Sox red and black Game Mod...

A2K DATDUDE GM - 11.5"$339.95

A2K DATDUDE GM - 11.5"


Brandon Phillips doesn't just make great plays on the field. He makes great play...

A2K DW5 GM - 12"$339.95

A2K DW5 GM - 12"


Experience a Pro Stock Game Model Glove that plays big for an infield glove. Dev...

A2K 1788 - 11.25"$339.95

A2K 1788 - 11.25"


Get your hand in the A2K 1788, an 11.25" infield model with one of the smallest ...

A2K 1787 - 11.75"$339.95

A2K 1787 - 11.75"


A popular middle infield and third base model, the A2K 1787 is perfect for dual ...

A2000 Infield

Three Arrows

When developing the A2000, Wilson spent countless hours working with MLB infielders to alter the glove for their specific position. The Pro Stock leather provides a durable performance game after game.

A2000 1787 - 11.75"$229.95

A2000 1787 - 11.75"


Extend your reach with the Black and Gunmetal Grey Wilson® A2000 1787. A popular...

A2000 RW23 GM - 11.25"$229.95

A2000 RW23 GM - 11.25"


Play like an All-Star with Rickie Weeks’ Game Model Glove, the Wilson® A2000 RW2...

A2000 1788 - 11.25"$229.95

A2000 1788 - 11.25"


Get your hand in the A2000 1788, an 11.25” infield model with one of the smalles...

A2000 1786 ST - 11.5"$229.95

A2000 1786 ST - 11.5"


Experience the most popular Wilson A2000 with MLB infielders, the A2000 1786. Th...

A2000 G4 - 11.5"$229.95

A2000 G4 - 11.5"


The incredibly long lasting glove Wilson A2000 G4 was developed with a reinforce...

A2000 DP15 GM - 11.5"$229.95

A2000 DP15 GM - 11.5"


Work the infield with Dustin Pedroia’s Game Model Glove, the A2000 DP15 GM. Feat...

A2000 EL3 GM - 11.75"$229.95

A2000 EL3 GM - 11.75"


The A2000 EL3 GM was developed by Master Craftsman Aso-San for third baseman Eva...

A2000 1781 - 12.25"$229.95

A2000 1781 - 12.25"


Developed with Black Pro Stock™ leather and an H-web, this baseball glove offers...

A2000 OTIF - 11.5"$229.95

A2000 OTIF - 11.5"


This six-finger glove is a lighter option for multi-position players who pitch a...

A2000 Superskin Infield

Three Arrows

These A2000 infield gloves feature a lighter and softer man-made material, SuperSkin. SuperSkin is used on the back of the glove to shorten break in time, lower your reaction time and repel moisture.

A2000 1786 SS - 11.5"$229.95

A2000 1786 SS - 11.5"


Get in the game with Wilson’s most popular infield model. Preferred by MLB® ball...

A2000 G4 BSS - 11.5"$229.95

A2000 G4 BSS - 11.5"


Step up your game with the Wilson® G4. The incredibly long lasting A2000 G4 SS w...

A2000 G5 SS - 11.75"$229.95

A2000 G5 SS - 11.75"


The A2000 G5 SS took the A2000 G4 pattern and increased the length to 11.75”. No...

A2000 1787 SS - 11.75"$229.95

A2000 1787 SS - 11.75"


Extend your reach with the Wilson® A2000 1787 SS. A popular middle infield & thi...

A2000 DW5 SS - 12"$229.95

A2000 DW5 SS - 12"


This all black SuperSkin version of David Wright’s Game Model glove plays big fo...

A2000 OTIF SS - 11.5"$229.95

A2000 OTIF SS - 11.5"


The Wilson A2000 OTIF SS is a six-finger glove offering a lighter option for mul...

A2000 1788 SS - 11.25"$229.95

A2000 1788 SS - 11.25"


The Wilson A2000 1788 SS is an infield model with one of the smallest pockets po...

A1K Infield

Three Arrows

The A1K series takes the patterns and construction used for the pros' gloves and offers a more snug fit for infielders. These infield gloves include a smaller wrist opening and narrower finger stalls for greater control in the field.

A1K 1788 - 11.25"$179.95

A1K 1788 - 11.25"


The all new Wilson® A1K™ series takes the Pro Stock™ patterns and construction u...

WTA1K0BB4DP15 A1K DP15 - 11.5"$179.95

A1K DP15 - 11.5"


The A1K DP15 is built using Dustin Pedroia’s game model glove specifications. He...

WTA1K0BB4OTIF A1K OTIF - 11.5"$179.95

A1K OTIF - 11.5"


The A1K OTIF is a lighter option for multi-position players who pitch and work t...

A1K 1787 - 11.75"$179.95

A1K 1787 - 11.75"


The A1K 1787 features a shallow pocket that allows for a longer range and is oft...

Yak Infield

Three Arrows

The Wilson Pro Soft Yak is light, soft and made to play with unstoppable strength. Developed with Yak Leather, this glove is 3x stronger than traditional cowhide leather. This stronger more durable glove will aid infielders with those hard hit ground balls.

Pro Soft YAK 1786 - 11.5"$99.95

Pro Soft YAK 1786 - 11.5"


Wilson’s most popular infield pattern is now available in game-ready Yak Leather...

Pro Soft YAK G5 - 11.75"$99.95

Pro Soft YAK G5 - 11.75"


At 11.75” you get the extra reach you need with a reinforced H-Web to maintain a...

Pro Soft YAK OTIF - 11.5"$99.95

Pro Soft YAK OTIF - 11.5"


The Pro Soft YAK A1500 OTIF is a lighter option for multi-position players who p...

Softfit A800 Infield

Three Arrows

Sometimes infielders don't have all winter to break in a glove. That's why we developed the Softfit A800, a glove with a great fit that is soft and 100% game ready.

SoftFit A800 - 11.5"$79.95

SoftFit A800 - 11.5"


The Wilson Game Ready SoftFit™ 115 is an 11.5” infield pattern with an H-web tha...

SoftFit A800 - 11.75"$79.95

SoftFit A800 - 11.75"


The 11.75” Game Ready SoftFit™ 1175 has a Pro Laced T-Web to provide structure t...