A1K 1787 - 11.75"

The A1K 1787 features a shallow pocket that allows for a longer range and is often broken in with a flattened, flared shape. Developed with an H-Web and an 11.75” length, this baseball glove is perfect for dual position players, especially infielders who also play the outfield.

The all new Wilson® A1K™ series takes the Pro Stock™ patterns and construction used for the pros’ gloves and updates them to offer a more snug fit—just like Dustin Pedroia prefers. The A1K features the Pedroia Fit which includes a smaller wrist opening and narrower finger stalls along with other updates. Jet Black Top Shelf™ Leather and Gunmetal Grey embroidery make for a glove that looks as good as it fits.


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  • 11.75"
  • Infield/Outfield Model
  • H-Web
  • FastbreakTM Construction combines the expertise of Wilson A2000® technicians with materials optimized for a quicker break in
  • Pedroia Fit - All of the fit modifications Dustin Pedroia requests - tight fit, long laces, smaller hand opening and low profile heel
  • Low profile heel for less rebound on bad hops while making the glove easier to close
  • Top ShelfTM Leather for durability and a custom break in
  • Rolled Dual WeltingTM for quicker break in
  • Pro StockTM Patterns - The same base patterns used on the legendary Wilson A2K and A2000 models 

Product Specs

Throwing Hand Right
Age Group Adult
Position Infield
Series A1K


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The A1K series takes the patterns and construction used for the pros' gloves and offers a more snug fit for outfielders. These outfield gloves include a smaller wrist opening and narrower finger stalls for greater control in the field.

A1K OF 1225 - 12.25"

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