Wilson and the NFL
since 1941

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Wilson began making the official NFL game ball in 1941, and we’ve been a part of every point scored since. Wilson has been clutched, thrown, kicked, and spiked by the game’s greatest, and we are proud to be football’s longest running champion of American craftsmanship. Our factory in Ada, OH is the oldest leather game ball factory in the world.

Wilson has over a hundred years of game-changing innovation under our belts and we never stop looking for ways to evolve the game for players and fans. In 2015, Wilson began stamping the official NFL game balls with a color team logo decal—an evolution from previous years when the team name was engraved on each team’s game ball. With this change, team game balls are now easier for officials and fans to recognize and track throughout the game. Get your own piece of the game at our NFL Team Shop.


The greatest game on earth

On February 5th, 2017, Wilson will take the field for its 51st consecutive Super Bowl. Quite remarkably, Wilson has been at the heart of every Super Bowl game since the first Championship was logged in the record books back in 1967. The 2016 season marked both Wilson’s golden anniversary with the Super Bowl and 75 seasons on the field with the NFL. Never before has a partnership between league and ball lasted as long as Wilson’s partnership with the National Football League.

At Wilson's football factory in Ada, Ohio, craftsmen and women work through the night to ensure the Super Bowl game balls ship to the two Super Bowl-bound teams within 24 hours of winning their NFC and AFC Championship games. That same devotion and pride goes into each and every game ball that goes out the doors of Wilson’s factory, whether the balls are for championship-hungry professional athletes or young, aspiring players and loyal fans.


NFL History

Football Trivia

NFL Trivia
  • On average, one cowhide can produce 10 leather footballs.
  • There is just one lace on a Wilson NFL football. It is threaded, by hand, through 16 lace holes.
  • The four Horween Leather panels that make up Wilson's proprietary NFL pattern are sewn together inside out.
  • The special Wilson “W” watermarks on the leather prove each ball is an authentic, Made in the USA Wilson product.
  • All NFL game balls are inflated to approximately 13 pounds of air pressure, or 13 psi.
  • Wilson’s Russell Wilson is the first quarterback in National Football League history to start in two Super Bowls in his first three seasons.

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