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September 14, 2012

Wilson and 1st Down Technologies are proud to present the Wilson PlayBook.

Youth APP

Wilson and 1st Down Technologies are proud to present the Wilson PlayBook- a selection of game changing youth football plays.

As the official football of the NFL®, the NCAA® Championships and more high school and youth teams than any other company, Wilson is the undisputed performance leader in football. It’s our relentless passion for innovation that has driven Wilson to team up with 1st Down Technologies LLC, the creators of FirstDown PlayBook™ - a revolutionary web and mobile based football playbook application. 1st Down Technologies was founded by former NFL® and current NCAA® Coach, Charlie Coiner. This unparalleled company taps into the best minds in the coaching world to deliver game winning plays.

Together, Wilson and 1st Down Technologies are bringing coaches an innovative selection of youth football plays. The Wilson PlayBook comes complete with 15 professionally designed plays that will give your team an unrivaled advantage. Plays are broken up into 5 different offensive formations with color-coded runs and passes viewed against common defensive fronts. To fully accommodate every player, an instructional version breaks down each play step-by-step, and is available in several additional formats for easy use. Effective team communication is simple as printable plays for sideline use by the coaching staff are synchronized with printable plays for on field use in player Wristcoaches.

Wilson is proud to offer our players and coaches yet another tool to achieve more winning moments. We look forward to continually innovating the game of football and creating future advancements with 1st Down Technologies. For more information and to download the Wilson PlayBook, please visit

More Innovation. More Technology. More Win.