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Wilson, The NFL and Ada, Ohio 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Fact Sheet

  • Number of football-only factories in the United States: 1
  • Number of Wilson football-only factories in world: 1
  • First year Wilson began making the Official NFL Game Ball: 1941
  • First year that the Wilson Factory in Ada, Ohio, began producing Official NFL Footballs: 1955
  • Total number of footballs produced annually at the Ada Football Factory: 700,000
  • Total number of workers employed by the Wilson football factory in Ada, Ohio: 130
  • Average number of years employed by Wilson for Ada Football Factory workers: 20
  • Average number of footballs made by a single cowhide: 10
  • Pounds of air pressure in an NFL game ball: 13 psi
  • How many game balls does each team receive?  Each team is shipped 108 game balls - 54 for practice and 54 for the game.
  • Total number of game balls used during the Super Bowl: 120, including 12 Kicker Balls
  • Number of laces found on an NFL game ball: 1
  • Total number of lace holes on an NFL game ball: 16
  • Total number of panels on an NFL game ball: 4
  • Difference between the regular NFL game ball and NFL kicker ball: Letter "K" is inscribed on the kicker ball, sealed in boxes (with anti-tampering tape), sent to the NFL official hotel one week before the game and then delivered to the officials' room approximately 2.5 hours prior to kickoff.
  • The special "watermark" that is printed on a Wilson football to prove that it is authentic: The letter "W"
  • When are the Super Bowl footballs delivered to the teams? Wilson employees work through the night to ship game balls to the teams within 24 hours of NFC and AFC championship games.
  • When do the teams give the game officials their 54 game balls?  Teams present their 54 game balls to the officials on game day for inspection, then a DNA ink is added to the laces to indicate they are the authentic on-field game balls.
  • What is the difference between the regular season Wilson NFL Game Ball and a the Super Bowl Game Ball?  The Super Bowl ball has the Super Bowl logo stamped on the ball, along with the names of both teams, date and location.

The Official Ball of the NFL The Official Ball of the NFL