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Downhill Lie

Posted July 16, 2015 in distance control intermediate tips

When the ball is positioned below your feet on a downhill lie and you feel like you are reaching for it, make sure to bend your knees and maintain this solid-base posture throughout your swing. This allows you to get to the level of the ball and make better contact.

When the rough is deep, keep your arms relaxed and grip loose. Choose a club that can get through thick rough like a 7, 8 or 9-iron. When the ball lies below your feet, it will fly in the direction of the slope. Thus, it will trend toward the right for right-handed people and toward the left for left-handed people. Aim accordingly. 

In the picture, Paul Lawrie needs to aim farther left than his normal target would be. That's because the ball will trend to the right, so he compensates by aiming left of target to allow for the extra movement.