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Bump and Run

Posted May 27, 2015 in intermediate control tips

The bump and run is perfect for chip shots from off the green, where you have a lot of fairway ahead of you or a lot of green space to work with. It allows you to keep the ball low and bounce a few times, before rolling most of the way out to the hole.

  • Most of your weight should be on the front foot to create more consistent shots.
  • Stance should be slightly open – with the forward foot being back/behind the back foot. (The forward foot is the one closer to the target/pin).
  • Forward leaning shaft (meaning your hands should be ahead of the ball/club head). Maintain this throughout the entire chip.
  • Keep the club low going back.
  • Keep the club low going through.
  • Think of it as a long putt or a pendulum.