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How to Read Your Putt

Posted April 28, 2015 in beginner intermediate distance control tips

To read your putt you will want to look from every side to see if the putt is uphill, downhill or flat and if there is a slant/slope that will cause the ball to fall oneside or the other, or "break".

If you notice that you are putting up a slope (uphill), you need to hit it harder, depending on how steep the slope. If you are putting downhill, you need to hit it much softer.

If you notice that the green slants on a side slope (sideways angle), you need to account for that as well depending on the steepness. So, if the surface left of the cup is higher than the area right of the cup, you need to aim left of the cup as it curves ("breaks") with the slope. If the surface right of the cup is higher than the area left of the cup, you need to aim right of the cup as it, again, breaks with the slope.

Line up the putt with where you want to aim it when you put it back on the green and then take one last look from behind before you step in and stroke it. The more you read greens the easier it will get!

To practice: Take some golf balls to a practice putting green that has some slope to it. Practice rolling the ball like you're bowling from one side of the green to the other. Switch places. Notice how the ball breaks right or left based on the slope, and how more severe slopes cause the ball to break more significantly.