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Cart Path Drop Options

Posted March 16, 2015 in intermediate beginner control rules

It is important to look for the best area to drop your golf ball. To do this, you may have to place your club head at various spots in the area you will be dropping. This will allow you to see how the rough is and where the best spot is to drop.


If you choose to drop, find the nearest point to where the ball already is and take a stance that gets you completely off the cart path. You get one club length from where the ball would be in your address position. The club length can be in any direction as long as it is not closer to the hole. Drop within this club length and play the ball from here.


Where would you drop? Where you should drop depends if you are a right-handed or left-handed golfer. The rule tells you to drop wherever the nearest point of relief is for the golf ball. If you are a right-handed golfer you will drop on the left side of the cart path. For a left-handed golfer you will drop on the right side of the cart path. This is the nearest point of relief for each golfer from where the ball would be and still gives you full relief for your stance. 


When your ball comes to rest on or near a cart path, you can either take a drop or play it as it lies. Sometimes the ball might be sitting in the rough but in a favorable position. In this case you may decide to play the ball from here, even if your stance might be on the cart path. Sometimes it is worth hitting off the cart path to avoid an unfavorable drop in the rough, especially if it is thick rough and you are afraid dropping it will give you a buried lie.