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Tee Box Rules

Posted April 14, 2015 in beginner rules

The tee box is the area at the start of each hole. Each course will have different colors representing different options to tee off from, provided on the scorecard. The tee options are the different yardages you can play the course, and depending on the skill level will determine which distance to play. Tee markers are placed at different spots on each hole to tell you where to start. 

You must tee your ball up behind the tee markers but within two club lengths, to tee off correctly.

"Tee it forward" – pick the set of tees that allows you to reach the green in regulation consistently. Do not pick tees that are too challenging because others in your group are playing them. It is okay to play multiple sets of tees within one group. If you pick tees that are too challenging it will not only cause you to play slowly, as well as your group, but it will also be less enjoyable.

Think of it this way: you should be able to reach par 3's in one hit; par 4's in two hits, and par 5's in three hits. Your approach shot into the green should be a more lofted iron to start, not hybrids and fairway woods. It is better to start off easier and build confidence, then work your way to more challenging tees.