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Preparation For the Shot

Posted March 13, 2015 in distance control beginner intermediate control mental

Before hitting the shot, talk through what it will take to get the ball to the green. Whether you have a caddy, or someone playing with you, there are many aspects to think through before hitting:

  • Talk about the yardage to the pin, from front to back, as well as what it will take to carry any bunkers or hazards in front of the green.
  • After talking about the yardage, factor in the wind and direction of the shot.
  • Decide where the best spot on the green is to putt from. If you want to stay below the pin, and have an uphill putt for birdie; choose a club to leave you there. If you want to be right on the pin, choose a target accordingly.
  • Once all your thinking is complete, take your club, free your mind and swing away.