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Green Etiquette

Posted July 08, 2015 in beginner rules etiquette

Green etiquette is essential in maintaining a good relationship with your playing partners, as well as helping you look more knowledgable about the game. When on the putting green, you should always be aware of your playing partner’s location, and their ball’s location. There are a few things to keep in mind on the green to avoid hurting your playing partners.


On the green, do not stand on another player’s putting line. This is not only a distraction and a potential obstruction, but the impression of a player's foot can subtly change the line of their putt, potentially causing them to miss.


Also, be careful not to cast a shadow over your playing partner's line while he or she is putting, as this is visually distracting. Later in the day when the shadows are longer, you have to be extra conscientious of this (sometimes the shadows are so long you have to crouch down).


You should also not stand within your playing partner's field of vision, as this can also be a distraction (see the photo above).


Some examples of proper places to stand are locations that are out of the field of vision of the putter (see photo above). GreenEtiquette5

Usually, the first person to hole out their putt is the one to pick up the flag and return it to the cup once his or her playing partners have finished putting (make sure to hold the flag on a windy day so the flapping doesn't create a distracting noise).

While waiting for all playing partners to hole out, you should remain close to or on the green while the remaining players finish their business on the green. Going back to the cart before everyone holes out isn't respectful.