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How to Play a Scramble

Posted June 15, 2015 in beginner intermediate rules

Your group forms teams of two, three, or four players. In this case, it is a team of two. Your whole team tees off on the hole.


Your team then decides which shot you prefer for potentially scoring the best possible score on the hole. Talk together with your team then pick a shot to play your next from.


Every other teammate whose ball wasn't choosen then picks up their tee shots and drops next to the "best" shot. The new location is marked by a tee. You can place your ball next to the tee, but it must not be placed closer to the hole and must usually be within a few inches from the tee.


Keep playing in this format till you finish the hole. Play is identical on the green.


In this case, the example team has picked the player in black's approach shot. He then places a mark to the side of his ball in order to mark the location while still allowing for normal putting stroke. Unlike the fairway, when a teammate places his or her ball, the ball must be placed in the identical spot to were the original ball lay.


Keep on choosing the best ball and hitting till you finish the hole.


As this is a team game format, you may help you partner(s) form strategies and read putts, much like caddies do for professional players. In this case, the player in black is directly behind his teammate's putting line so he can read the putt's break if the player in red misses.


Many golf outings and recreational tournaments are played in this format. This is a great way to have fun, inspire teamwork, and go low together as a team.