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Tee Etiquette

Posted April 07, 2015 in beginner rules etiquette

The teebox is the first place to prove you have experience on the golf course. Make a great impression on your playing partners with etiquette and awareness at the start of each hole.


Usually, most players play "honors". Whomever has the lowest score on the previous hole has honors and tees of first, followed by the playing partners with the next lowest score. When you tie on a hole, honors usually carries over from the previous hole. Most recreational players and beginners play "ready golf", though. This means that regardless of who had the best score on the previous hole, the first person ready to hit does so. This sets a more casual tone, reduces stress and saves time.


While waiting your turn to tee off, you should stand at a safe distance behind your playing partner, out of his or her line of vision. Standing directly behind the hitter can pose a distraction, especially if you are too close, so it's strongly suggested you remain off to the side a bit (refer to the photo above). You should also remain silent and still during everyone's pre-shot routine and swing.

To be fully respectful, remain on the teebox during everyone's shot. It's not polite to hit first and then sit in the cart. If there's a groupmate that tees off on another teebox, display the utmost respect by walking or riding to their teebox and standing with them; this makes them feel equally important and shows you are willing to help them track their golf ball in the event of an errant hit.


For your own safety and to maintain etiquette, you should never stand in these locations: in front of the tee markers, anywhere in front of the hitting player, or directly behind the hitting player. The picture above displays a non-example of where to stand.