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Club Selection in Cross-Wind

Posted April 17, 2015 in feel mental intermediate advance

Just as our tip on hitting into head and tail winds can greatly affect a balls flight, so can a cross wind affect a ball’s flight. Much like hitting into a head or tail wind, tossing a bit of grass into the air like Marcel Siem is above, is an excellent way to help judge how much wind there is, and in what direction it is blowing. As for how much the ball is affected, that depends on the exact direction of the wind.

 To give an idea though, generally a ball is blown about 15 yards off line in a 10 mph 90-degree cross wind. So, for each mph of wind, you should estimate that it will move the ball around 1.5 yards. Unfortunately,  things might get trickier for you when the wind does not blow directly north, south, east, or west of your target.

 A wind that is blowing either Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, or Southwest of your target is typically known as a quartering wind. Quartering winds can be much more difficult to determine just how far your ball will be blown off line. To help estimate though, typically a quartering headwind (a wind that blows both into and across the target line) will affect a shot about 1.65 yards per mph of wind. This means that a 20 mph quartering right headwind would blow a shot around 33 yards short and left of the target.

Just like how a headwind affects the ball more than a tailwind, a quartering tailwind affects a shot about 1.25 yards per mph of wind. This means a 20 mph quartering left tailwind would blow a ball around 25 yards long and to the right of the intended target.  Knowing your game can help tremendously when trying to figure how much the wind will affect your shot. 

If your ball has a lot of backspin on it, it will be affected less by crosswind. Also, the lower your ball flight the less a cross wind will affect your shot. The higher your ball flight the more a cross wind will affect your shot. There is only one way to get the hang of this however, and that is getting out there and practicing.