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Sand Shot Basics

Posted July 07, 2015 in beginner distance tips

In order to hit a sand shot where you are close or relatively close to the green, follow these steps:

  • Do not touch the sand with your club before the shot (only during contact). Even if your club grazes the sand on the way back, there is a one-stroke penalty.
  • Dig your feet into the sand like windshield wipers to get a sound base.
  • Place more weight on the front foot (your left foot if you are right-handed or your right foot if you are left-handed).
  • Have an open stance – your hips and feet should be aiming left of your intended target if you are right-handed or right of your target if you are left-handed.
  • Your hands should be aimed at your belt buckle (you do not want a forward leaning shaft in the sand trap because this will cause you to dig into the sand).
  • Slightly open your club face.
  • Take a steeper path than normal – feel as if you are taking the club straight up and down (rather than back and around) with soft hands, wrists and forearms.
  • Make sure to hit the sand first – about 1-2 inches behind the ball.
  • Follow through – do not stop your swing once you hit the sand, let it go through the sand and up to your finish.