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January 14, 2014

New Wilson Staff FG Tour: The Softest Tour Ball

CHICAGO, January 14, 2014 - Wilson Staff, the golf ball manufacturer leading in soft compression technology, announces its upcoming release of the all-new FG Tour golf ball, which will be the softest urethane ball available.

Targeted for advanced players, the new FG Tour has a 4-piece construction with each layer designed for optimal performance. The rubber-rich soft core provides feel and low driver spin; both mantle layers promote maximized velocity, and the cast urethane cover generates tour-quality spin and control around the greens.

Extensive research conducted by the Wilson Staff R&D team indicates that a majority of lower handicap players prefer a softer feeling golf ball. To achieve even greater feel in the new FG Tour, Wilson Staff lowered the compression to 70 and thus has developed an extraordinarily soft feeling golf ball within the urethane category. (Most competitive urethane balls range between 89 and 107.)

The new FG Tour features a 318 dimple pattern that guarantees exceptional distance and a stable, penetrating flight trajectory in even the toughest wind conditions.

Wilson Staff professional Steen Tinning has played the new FG Tour throughout his 2013 European Senior Tour season. He has championed two events, causing him to rise to the top of the Order of Merit in the fall season, amassing tour-proven attention to the new technologically advanced offering.

"For the past fifteen years Wilson Staff has been the industry leader in low compression technology," comments Mathias Lundblad, Marketing Director of Golf Balls. "We are now using what we've learned from that success to gain new momentum in the tour ball category." 

The new Wilson Staff FG Tour golf ball will be available at retail January 14, 2014. Alongside the new FG Tour in the Wilson Staff assortment will be the DUO and DUO Yellow, which have generated substantial market success in the past year.

Designed for the distance player, the DUO provides a soft, playable feel and optimal spin that supports distance off the tee and softness around the greens.

The ball's 2-piece construction is comprised of a large, rubber-rich core that allows for the lowest compression golf ball in existence (40) and a thin, higher resilience cover that produces more ball velocity off the clubface.

Wilson Staff will continue to spread awareness of the DUO in 2014 with numerous grass roots and marketing events touting DUO's unmatched performance benefits and easy-to-understand messaging and product demonstrations.

"With this ball, the messaging is simple: long off the tee, soft around the green," explains Lundblad. "Anyone who does the DUO Drop Test can see and hear the difference, and when they take it to the course, they can definitely see and hear the difference! That is why 8 out of 10 golfers who have tried it make the switch for good."

The difference in composition of both the new FG Tour and the DUO exposes Wilson Staff's understanding and belief that not all golfers can and should play the same ball. "Golf balls are very much like clubs in that a shot-shaper should not be playing the same equipment as someone looking for distance and accuracy," clarifies General Manager of Wilson Golf, Tim Clarke. "Playing types vary, which is why we have options in our golf ball line to enhance all of them."