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February 26, 2014

Online Club Fitter: Make it Personal

CHICAGO, March 26, 2014 – Like fingerprints, every golfer is unique with an individualized swing and approach to the game. With varying setup preferences, ball striking consistency and ball flight control, there’s no one-club-fits-all model for selecting irons and woods. That’s the idea behind the new and improved twelve-club Online Club Fitter from Wilson Staff.

The Wilson Staff research and development team utilized feedback from in-person custom fittings to list a set of questions that differentiate one player from another. The Club Fitter resulted to accommodate for the wide range of responses.

“This is not a replacement to a scheduled fitting with a PGA professional,” explains Global Director of Marketing, Doug Thiel. “We strongly encourage players to get on a launch monitor and analyze the numbers. But this will help players walk into their golf shop aware of their starting point.”

The Club Fitter explains terminology throughout the process, and through videos, teaches the characteristics of Feel, Control and Distance players in Wilson Staff’s F-C-D fitting system.

Wilson Staff is hosting a sweepstakes on social media surrounding the Club Fitter to engage golfers in finding out if they are F, C or D players. Users can share the equipment recommended to them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #makeitpersonal. (Example: “I got fit online for @WilsonGolf C100 irons and FG Tour M3 woods/hybrids. #makeitpersonal"). On June 1, three entries – one F, one C and one D player – will be randomly drawn to win their full set and a neXus bag.

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