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January 1, 2013

Mobile Fitting Tour Provides Free Custom Fitting to Golfers

CHICAGO, January 1, 2013In a green grass initiative to create more consumer awareness of its performance-enhancing golf equipment, Wilson Golf has released its schedule for its third annual Mobile Fitting Tour across the United States.

The Wilson Staff tech truck will begin making its scheduled visits to specialty golf retailers in South Florida in January, where a fit-trained team of Wilson Golf employees will be on-site at these stores to offer free custom fitting to any consumer that walks through the doors. In addition to the free fitting, a Wilson Staff custom builder will be present to immediately build-out sets and clubs tailored to the exact speculations and requests of the consumers.

Wilson Golf believes that it is a necessity for players to undergo custom club fitting in order to properly equip the golfer according to his or her individualized swing. A proper fit ensures a positive golf experience and a lifelong passion for the game.

“This initiative was conceived three years ago as a result of our desire to reach consumers at a more unique and intimate level,” explained Doug Thiel, Global Director of Marketing at Wilson Golf. “We not only provide a no-pressure opportunity for golfers to interact with our equipment and receive a state-of-the-art custom fitting experience, but we also gain feedback regarding Wilson Staff products, technology and consumer perception.”

Included in the special events is a free giveaway of a Wilson Staff FG Tour wedge with any purchase of a set of irons. Additionally, on-site greeters give away 2-ball packs of the Wilson Staff DUO and FG Tour golf balls, among other golf-related equipment.

The Mobile Fitting Tour will reach Floridian markets throughout the months of January and February, and will then penetrate the South Carolina and Georgia areas. After visiting New Orleans, it will remain in Texas until it makes its way northward through the Midwest in the early summer.