Cutting Edge Construction

Fully composite outer rim constuction featuring Basalt Fibers for added paddle strength and soft feel on every shot 

Smart Density

Smart Density utilizes two distinct EVA foam densities in one paddle.  Smart Density occurs when the paddle responds to the speed of the hit on the paddle face.  Your swing and impact can generate more power as Smart Density responds.  The Smart Density core allows for more cushioned feel when needed.

Core Foam

Smart Density foam used in the paddle core has been taken to the next level using Karophite Black.  This nanoscopic level material helps control the voids in the foam providing a more stable hit all around. 

Contour Rim

A new engineering rim enhances stiffness for improved stability and control.  Smooth paddle edges can increase pressure drag by increasing the size of the wake.  Similar to dimples on a golf ball, the countoured rim reduces pressure drag by reducing the wake.

Sharp Hole Technology

Advanced hole drilling process provides increased bite on all hits

True Grit

Wilson tripled the amount of grit on the paddle surface of all our paddles for increased control and feel of the ball