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January 10, 2012

Wilson XTP Paddles Hit Venice Beach

[Chicago]- Wilson is committed to creating the most ground-breaking products in paddle tennis. Our legacy in quality and excellence is sustained with every game-changing product we develop. Today, the hottest topic on Venice Beach is not the weather or people, but instead it’s the unstoppable Wilson 38 mm padel. 

To launch the absolute best paddle in the game, we partnered with the most famous paddle player in the world, Scott Freedman. Freedman proudly stands behind the Wilson 38mm padel and plays fiercely with it in hand. This greatest player of all time hits the courts everyday with his Wilson padel and his relentless drive to play and promote the game he grew up loving. Freedman has committed his life to making paddle tennis one of the largest racquet sports in the world.  He has now created the XTP Tour and has teamed up with Wilson as the official sponsor. 

For years, Spain has been the most popular country for the wider paddle style. Most recently, however, the Wilson 38 mm padel hit Venice Beach and took off miraculously. Players have given glowing reviews declaring that they immediately felt the benefits of the wider paddle style with the deflated Wilson tennis ball.

“I have always loved paddle tennis”, said Scott Freedman. “Now the game is even more exciting and more comfortable using the XTP paddles from Wilson.” Wilson is honored to partner with such a phenomenal player as we work together to make the game of paddle tennis more popular everyday.  

Wilson prides itself in creating top-quality paddle tennis products that will bring more winning moments to athletes at every level of play. For more information on the XTP Tour or the Wilson paddles visit