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Three Arrows

If your game is searching for a racquet that will deliver the most power possible for your kill shots then you need to look no further than a BLX racquet from Wilson.  This group of racquets offer either Power Strings or Power Holes technology.  Maximum power for the advanced game.

Lazer Stick$220.00

Lazer Stick


The Wilson Lazer Stick racquetball racquet comes with precision in every shot.  ...

Lite Stick$210.00

Lite Stick


The Wilson Lite Stick will help you shine brighter than the competition.  The he...

Hit Stick BLX$165.00

Hit Stick BLX


The Wilson Hit Stick BLX racquetball racquet is designed for maximum power upon ...

Crazy Stick BLX$150.00

Crazy Stick BLX


The Wilson Crazy Stick BLX racquetball racquet is designed for maximum power.  G...

Hope Lite Racquet$199.99

Hope Lite Racquet


The Hope Lite racquetball racquet is the offical racquet of the Ladies Professio...


Three Arrows

The Ugly Stick and Big Stick are constructed with the intermediate player in mind.  Both are Hybrid construction providing lightweight strength while increasing the sweet spot for maximum power. 

Ugly Stick BLX$100.00

Ugly Stick BLX


The Wilson Ugly Stick BLX racquetball racquet is designed for a pleasing blend o...

Big Stick BLX$90.00

Big Stick BLX


The Wilson Big Stick BLX racquetball racquet is designed for a pleasing blend of...


Three Arrows

If you are a player that gets on the court once or twice a week you want an inexpensive racquet with technology and durability from a brand you can trust.  And now we can offer you five racquets for all under $50.  After all there is a reason that there are more racquets sold by Wilson to recreational players than any other brand.  Good value, durability and a brand you can call home. 

El Lobo$49.99

El Lobo


Volcanic Cross Section for additional stability – shot after shot -  Power Strin...




The Wilson Buzzsaw racquetball raquet is a perfect racquet for the beginner or r...




The Wilson Tattoo racquetball racquet features a titanium frame for enhanced pow...




Experience Wilson power and attitude with the Zombie racquetball racquet! Perfec...

Splat Stick$19.99

Splat Stick


The Wilson Splat Stick racquetball racquet is a great value for recreational pla...




The Wilson Hope racquetball racquet will help to raise money for the Breast Canc...

All Gear Set$39.99

All Gear Set


The All Gear Set includes an Alloy Frame Racquet, 2 Blue Bullet Racquetballs, an...