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November 23, 2011

Wilson is the Official Ball of the NCAA Soccer Championships

The NCAA Soccer Championships are the height of collegiate sports. The ultimate match requires the ultimate ball, and only the Wilson Forte FYbrid™ provides the unrivaled performance needed for a world-class NCAA soccer match.

The NCAA Forte FYbrid™ will be tearing up fields as the Official Match Ball of Men's and Women's NCAA Soccer Championships this year. Its ground-breaking engineering and unbeatable performance has changed games for college athletes everywhere. Developed with the latest Wilson patented technologies and extensive aerodynamic analysis tools, the NCAA Forte FYbrid™ offers superior performance and durability unlike anything collegiate soccer has ever seen.

For years, Wilson has proven itself to be one of the top soccer brands in the world by creating unparalleled products. As the Forte FYbrid™ becomes the Official NCAA Match Ball, we continue to create the most innovative soccer products that are behind more winning moments at every level of play. Stay updated on the latest NCAA news by visiting

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