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Replacement Grips for kids and adults of any skill level looking for better cushion on the handle of their Tennis racket.


Three Arrows

Premium Leather Replacement Grip $15.00

Premium Leather Replacement Grip


Premium calfskin used by top players.

Sublime Replacement Grip$7.95

Sublime Replacement Grip


Balanced feel, added moisture absorption, and amplified traction.

Cushion-Aire Classic Contour Replacement Grip$5.95

Cushion-Aire Classic Contour Replacement Grip


Featherthin Replacement Grip$6.95

Featherthin Replacement Grip


Ultra-light, super-thin replacement grip.  Reduces overall racket weight and gri...


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Cushion-Aire Classic Sponge Replacement Grip$5.95

Cushion-Aire Classic Sponge Replacement Grip


Comfort Hybrid Replacement Grip$7.95

Comfort Hybrid Replacement Grip


Maximum comfort, blend of shock-absorbing air-foam and soft pu.

Shock Shield Hybrid Replacement Grip$7.95

Shock Shield Hybrid Replacement Grip


Gel layer reduces uncomfortable vibrations and shock.

True Grip Replacement Grip$7.95

True Grip Replacement Grip


Pigment free formula for ultimate feel.

Cushion Pro Replacement Grip$3.95

Cushion Pro Replacement Grip


Comfortable, thick backing for maximum cushion


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Cushion-Aire Classic Perforated Replacement Grip$5.95

Cushion-Aire Classic Perforated Replacement Grip


Micro-Dry + Comfort Replacement Grip$7.95

Micro-Dry + Comfort Replacement Grip


Thick foam backing for maximum softness.