Wilson offers a string for all skill levels and ages. From power and control to power and spin, Wilson makes sure that our Tennis string will bring out the best in each player.


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RipSpin gives maximum spin derived from proprietary UHMW coating allowing string...

Spin Cycle$8.95

Spin Cycle


The Spin Cycle has a shaped and twisted structure that promotes spin-enhancing b...

Spin Duo$10.95

Spin Duo


The Spin Duo is a blend of RipSpin and Synthetic Gut Power that enhances string ...


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Natural Gut$42.95

Natural Gut


Natural Gut contains natural serosa fibers that provide maximum power, comfort a...

NXT Power$18.95

NXT Power


NXT Power is PU impregnated, high crystallinity Xycro Micro Fibers processed for...

Synthetic Gut Power$4.95

Synthetic Gut Power


Synthetic Gut Power is a sold core nylon string with high energy wrap for durable power.

Champion's Choice Duo$31.95

Champion's Choice Duo


Champion's Choice Duo is a blend of Natural Gut + Luxilon ALU Power Rough for co...


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NXT Control$18.95

NXT Control


NXT Control contains a combination of polyester and polyamide fibers to maximize...

Control Duo$22.95

Control Duo


Control Duo is a blend of NXT Power and Luxilon ALU Power that provides controll...

Sensation Control$9.95

Sensation Control


Sensation Control has a Liquid Crystalline wrap that surrounds nylon fibers for ...

Synthetic Gut Control$4.25

Synthetic Gut Control


Synthetic Gut Control is a solid core nylon string that absorbs energy for contr...


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NXT has Proprietary Xycro Micro Fibers impregnated with PU for incredible feel a...




Optimus has a thermoset co-polymer membrane that encircles nylon fibers to minim...

NXT Duo II$17.95



NXT Duo II is a blend of NXT + Luxilon Adrenaline that provides control and comfort.




Sensation has highly elastic nylon fibers that impart power and reduce vibration...


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NXT Duramax$18.95

NXT Duramax


NXT Duramax is an extremely comfortable string with PU impregnated polyamide fib...

Synthetic Gut Duramax$7.25

Synthetic Gut Duramax


Synthetic Gut Duramax is a solid core nylon string + Tensilast wraps that provid...

Duramax Duo$8.95

Duramax Duo


Duramax Duo is a blend of DuraMax Pro and Sensation for feel and durability.


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4G $17.95



Maximum tension and legendary power, spin, and comfort.

4G Rough 125$17.95

4G Rough 125


Textured version of 4G for increased ball bite.  Surface denting increases flex ...

4G S 141$17.95

4G S 141


Supreme durability for long lasting play.  Ideal tension maintenance.

ALU Power$17.95

ALU Power


Most used on Pro Tour; Superior power and control.

ALU Power 123 Fluoro$17.95

ALU Power 123 Fluoro


The ALU Power 123 Fluoro is fluorofibre enhanced for added comfort and control.

ALU Power 125 Rough$17.95

ALU Power 125 Rough


Ideal for players who want more spin; Textured surface.

ALU Power 127 Spin$17.95

ALU Power 127 Spin


The ALU Power 127 Spin has a pentagonal shape for added spin; ideal for hybrids.

Original 130$14.95

Original 130


The Original 130 is a poly-ether blend for enhanced power and durability.

Original 130 Rough$14.95

Original 130 Rough


The Original 130 Rough is fluorofibre enhanced for added comfort and control.

Ace 112$14.95

Ace 112


The Ace 112 is made thin and soft for outstanding comfort and excellent feel.




Timo is made for maximum comfort and control with titanium and molybdenum mix.




Power and precision for outrageous game enhancement.

Adrenaline 125 Rough$9.95

Adrenaline 125 Rough


Textured surface to increase flex and increase feel.

Savage Black 127$13.95

Savage Black 127


Unique six-sided shape for extreme spin for hard and heavy shots.

Savage White 127$13.95

Savage White 127


Savage White 127 has a unique six-sided shape for extreme spin for hard, heavy shots.

Savage Lime 127$13.95

Savage Lime 127


The Savage Lime 127 has a unique six-sided shape for extreme spin with hard, heavy shots.

M2 Pro 125$15.95

M2 Pro 125


M2 Pro 125 has a variable flex to give you control on hard shots and comfort on ...