Own Your Beach,

AVP City Volleyballs

3 Results
3 Results

Every Wilson
Tells A Story

Wilson hits the beach with a new local artist in
each city of the AVP Tour, as they customize a
Wilson AVP volleyball. Join them to design your
own and show us how you Own the Beach.

AVP City Block Grid

  • Share Your Beach

    Share Your Beach

    Not visiting an AVP tour stop? Submit your design by posting a pic of your customized ball on Instagram and tagging @thewilsonvb with #drawthebeach. Your design could be featured at the AVP Championship in Chicago.

  • AVP Huntington Beach Volleyball

    MORGAN - Huntington Beach, CA

    "I wanted to show a classic perspective of Huntington Beach, so I chose the pier for one side of the ball and on the other, Ryan Doherty going up for a spike. The ball has a postcard feel, because being at the AVP in Huntington felt like being on vacation!"

  • AVP Austin Volleyball

    DREW - Austin, TX

    "Austin is a city that is constantly evolving. For my design, I wanted to show this by creating multiple scenes across the different panels of the ball."

  • AVP New York Volleyball

    McKenzie - New York, NY

    "Manhattan is an inspiring island packed with iconic buildings, monuments, and neighborhoods. Freedom Tower is the perfect backdrop for the AVP NYC series; the grit and determination of these players to get back up and fight echoes what One World Trade Center respresents to New Yorkers and Americans."

  • AVP City Volleyballs - Savannah

    Savannah - Seattle

    "I was inspired by the Seattle landmarks as well as the players and crowds at the AVP event. It was the only time all summer where the temperature reached 90 degrees ... people were glistening with sweat, swimming, hiking in the distance. I wanted to take all this activity and show a bustling sporting event with Seattle's landmarks and greenery as the backdrop."

  • AVP City Volleyballs - San Franciso

    Ingrid - San Francisco

    "My aim with designing this ball was to incorporate elements of the beach volleyball with classic San Franciso. On one side of the ball I included the famous Golden Gate Bridge. On the other side I've included a silhouette of two beach volleyball players jumping for the ball against a beautiful pink sky. The two scenes capture the fun, athletic spirit of AVP 2017."

  • AVP City Volleyballs - Hermosa Beach

    David - Hermosa Beach, CA

    "I wanted the ball to encapsulate the spirit of Hermosa Beach, so my design features the enviornmental elements and colors from the weekend, including the sand, waves, sky, and of course, volleyball!"