Pechera promotion con protector Isoblox y protección de Impacto

The most advanced catcher's gear available, Wilson ProMOTION Catcher's Gear utilizes isoBLOX™ impact diffusing technology to create ultra-light and flexible gear which means you are more mobile behind the plate.  The ProMOTION chest protector has been ergonomically designed to move with the unique motions of a catcher -whether blocking the plate or backing up first. It provides fitted, flexible protection without adding bulk or stiffness.

isoBLOX is an advanced impact-blocking material that is exclusive to Wilson baseball and softball equipment.  This innovation has been engineered and lab tested to offer exceptional impact resistance without impacting ball rebound or compromising flexibility.  As a result, ProMOTION Catcher's Gear provides superior protection that moves, bends, and flexes right along with the athlete.  

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  • Light + Fit = Mobility
  • Throw-Motion Stretch Zone flexes in multiple directions to give your throwing arm greater mobility
  • Customizable Neck Pad can be embroidered with your team logo, name, or number and can be easily adjusted for a more tailored fit
  • Removable Thin-Fit Shoulder Caps allow you to adjust and place protection right where you need it
  • Two-Piece Construction creates a flexible contoured fit that stays in place whether sitting in a crouch or standing upright
  • isoBLOX® Impact Protection provides critical protection across the sternum and helps deaden ball impact for minimal rebound
  • Forward Clip-In Positions wrap protection around your sides and allow you to quickly get in and out of your gear
  • 4-Point Adjustment System ensures chest protector fits securely and moves with you
  • Dri-Lex® Moisture Management Liner

Especificaciones del producto

Colección None
Grupo de edad Adult
Posición Catcher
WTA3301 BL16 BLACK 16"
WTA3301 BL18 BLACK 18"
WTA3301 NA16 NAVY 16"
WTA3301 NA18 NAVY 18"
WTA3301 RO16 ROYAL 16"
WTA3301 RO18 ROYAL 18"
WTA3301 SC16 SCARLET 16"
WTA3301 SC18 SCARLET 18"
WTA3301 MA18 MAROON 18"
WTA3301 PR18 PURPLE 18"