Two Different Wilson Staff Events to Take Part In

D200 Challenge Days

See how much extra yardage you'll gain with new D200 irons vs. your current irons for a chance to win a new set of D200 clubs. The golfer with the greatest difference in yardage will take home some new sticks in this nationwide contest. Your results will be posted to the Distance Leaderboard for a chance to earn a new set!

Wilson Staff Custom Fitting Days

Try our new lineup of clubs or get fit for a set at these special events. Just reserve a time at a Custom Fitting Day by searching below for dates at a store near you.

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D200 Challenge Distance Leaderboard

See the D200 Challenge top leaders in Europe

NameCountryDistance Gain
Tom R uk 8.0 yds
Connor B uk 6.0 yds
Arthur P uk 2.0 yds
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Learn more about the technology of our distance equipment.

D200 Irons Tech

D200 Driver Tech

Dx2 Soft Tech

Upcoming Events

Date Location Type City/Country
06/03 EGM Ihr Golfprofi / Indoor Halle Fitting Augsburg, Germany
06/03 American Golf - Middlebrook Bolton D200 Horwich, United Kingdom
07/03 EGM lhr Golfprofi / Indoor Halle Fitting Augsburg, Germany
10/03 Sherwsbury Driving Range D200 Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
13/03 Golf Götze Store Weiterstadt Fitting Weiterstadt, Germany
13/03 Gaudet Luce D200 Hadzor, United Kingdom
15/03 Pieper Golf/ GC Schloss Westerholt Fitting Herten, Germany
16/03 Drivetime American Golf D200 Warrington, United Kingdom
17/03 Bracken Ghyll Golf Club D200 Addingham, United Kingdom
17/03 EGM Ihr Golfprofi/ Indoor Halle Fitting Augsburg, Germany
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Speed SoleTM Technology in the D200 irons provide a thinner face-to-sole transition for a CT in the mid 230s. This face response yields driver-like performance and unmatched distance.

As the lightest adjustable driver on the market, the new D200 driver features Right Light Technology to help you swing even faster with the same effort. Fine tune your ball flight and maximize your distance potential with its six hosel settings.