100 years of sport
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  • The Thomas E. Wilson Company transforms by-products from the Chicago stockyards into racket strings, footballs, basketballs and baseball shoes.
  • Quality Athletic Goods
  • Undoubted Quality of Goods
  • undoubted quality
    of goods.
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  • Front%20and%20back%20catlog%20cover%20
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  • Fishing%20Hooks
  • Bamboo%20Bait%20Casting%20Rods
  • the hallmark of quality and dependability
  • Wilson Sporting and Athletic Goods IFC
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  • Official%20Cage%20Ball
  • shoes of quality and distinction
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  • Toboggans%20and%20Hockey%20Sticks
  • Wilson Motorbike
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  • Wilson becomes the first company to use professional athletes and well-known coaches like Knute Rockne as endorsers. The Wilson Advisory Staff is born.
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  • Mens Two Piece Bathing Suits
  • Renamed Wilson Sporting Goods Co., the company prospers during the Depression years. Innovations like the sand wedge and laminated woods drive golf sales.
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  • Fall / Winter
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  • This championship ball first appeared in 1936. It featured patented “V” seam construction and a thicker rubber wall to help maintain pressure, a truer flight and consistent bounce.
  • Finest Golf Equipment
  • it's wilson today in sports equipment
  • Wilson Special Clubs
  • A majority of production is shifted to support the war effort. Wilson becomes the official football of the NFL – a relationship that continues seven decades later.
  • Going all the way back to 1941, every pass, every catch, every run, every kick, every point scored in every NFL game has happened with a Wilson football. It’s the longest-running relationship in all of professional sports.
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  • Tennis Equipment
  • One of the greats of American tennis and regarded as the most influential player in the history of the game, he helped usher in ‘Open’-era tennis and establish the first pro tour. He joined the Wilson Advisory Staff in 1949.
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  • Tennis Equipment
  • boy! what a ball!
  • A period of product innovation and expansion keeps Wilson at the forefront of the industry. In 1955, Wilson acquires the football factory in Ada, Ohio.
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  • In the early 50’s, our glove designers created a wider pocket and ball entrance area, which gave gloves increased flexibility and made it easier to hold onto the ball.
  • Another Wilson revolution in club design, it doubled the size of the sweet spot by transferring weight from the heel to the center of the clubhead. Suddenly, longer, straighter shots were achievable by any golfer.
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  • Until 1955, players had to catch with two hands as gloves lacked the flexibility to close without help. Wilson changed all that. Snap Action gloves were laced to create a hinge-like effect that made them easy to open and close.
  • An American icon goes global. Wilson opens offices in Hong Kong, Great Britain, Germany and Japan and its first overseas manufacturing plant.
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  • a progressive past
    a golden future
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  • Gateway to Golf and Tennis
  • Our classic flange-style blade putter – the choice of many of golf’s biggest names during the 1960’s and 70’s.
  • Winner of 39 overall Grand Slam titles and 129 career singles titles, King defined women’s tennis throughout the 1960’s and early 70’s. She helped lead the fight for equality in the sport, giving women prize money equal to the men.
  • Jet Basketball
  • Jet Basketball
  • A six-fingered glove? In the early 60’s, the Ball Hawk Six was designed with fibre material inside a dummy finger and thumb that could be shaped by the player to fit their playing style.
  • Tru Trap Glove
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  • Wilson strengthens ties to America’s top professional leagues. We’re official ball of the NBA, NFL and uniform supplier to nearly every team in Major League Baseball.
  • Youth League Equipment
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  •  Stronger and lighter than wood, the T2000 was the world’s first modern metal racquet, made from chrome-plated nickel and alloy steel. Used by the world’s #1 player in his rise to the top of the tennis world in the 1970’s.
  • Clubs that were truly ahead of the curve back in 1970, with soles contoured from heel to toe to decrease turf drag and the possibility of ‘fat’ shots.
  • Wilson Hockey
  • a symbol of
  • A lot of fielders play with one finger outside their glove. How about four? In 1970, this radical design placed four finger stalls on the back of a first-baseman’s glove in order to create a huge, flexible pocket on the front side.
  • Jet Basketball Layered Construction
  • Wilson products are now sold in over 100 countries. Visit almost any gymnasium, golf course or tennis center in the world and chances are Wilson is there.
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  • Keeping You Ahead of the Game
  • keeping you ahead of the game
  • Released in 1983, the first of the legendary Pro Staff series. Used by Sampras, Courier, Evert, Edberg, Graf and Federer, the unique graphite and Kevlar racquet quickly became one of the most popular on the pro tour.
  • Wilson revolutionized tennis in 1987 with the industry’s first wide-body racquet. Never before had one racket provided such power with a large hitting area and incredibly soft feel.
  • A focus on helping players enjoy the game results in breakthrough technologies. Products like the FatShaft iron and Hammer racket make golf and tennis more playable, bringing new athletes to the game.
  • the right equipment
    makes the difference.
  • Theres a Whole New Feel to the Game
  • Racquets & Balls
  • Our partnership with the Association of Volleyball Professionals dates all the way back to 1996 when Wilson became the Official Game Ball. We’ve ruled the beach ever since.
  • Introduced in 1990, one of Wilson’s most popular racquets ever. A patented weighting system created a head-heavy frame with a massive sweet spot that was a hit with beginners and advanced players alike.
  • Winner of back-to-back British Opens and a PGA Championship, the popular Irishman burst onto the scene in the mid 90’s and hasn’t left. A fixture at the top of the leaderboard on both the PGA and European Tours.
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  • Wilson announces a partnership with the NCAA and solidifies its usage at collegiate levels. It’s an era of adoptions worldwide, with “official product” status ranging from youth sport to the NFL.
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  • A Wilson volleyball stars with Tom Hanks in the 20th Century Fox hit movie, "Cast Away." Appropriately named "Wilson" (we liked that a lot), the ball was so popular that we started selling it in stores.
  • Castaway Volleyball
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  • Football%20Team%20Handbook
  • Football%20Uniforms
  • Football%20Uniforms
  • After falling to the 6th round in the 2000 NFL Draft, Brady has been punishing the doubters ever since. A member of the Wilson Advisory Staff, the two-time league MVP has been on the winning end of three Super Bowls.
  • When Wilson changes the game, sometimes it’s just the color. Our optic yellow ball was easier to see and became the standard for NCAA women’s softball in 2002.
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  • Baseball / Softball
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  • Evolution Basketball
  • In 2000, Evolution took hold in gyms across America and quickly became one of the best-selling high school game balls. The unique pebble texture and composite cover make it twice as easy to palm as other balls. Dunkfest, anyone?
  • Evolution Basketball
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  • Basketball%20Uniforms
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  • Looking ahead to the next 100 years, Wilson is expanding its product portfolio to ensure that generations of players to come have the tools they need to experience more winning moments.
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  • Introduced in 2012, Spin Effect Technology is the first racquet system that uses a 16 x 15 string pattern to enhance string movement and snapback. Result: More spin and more balls in play.
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100 Years Young.

Since 1914, Wilson has shared more winning moments than any other company in sports. More Majors in golf and tennis. More Super Bowls. More Final Fours. More World Series titles. But that was never the goal. It’s the result of sharing countless hours with the world’s best athletes before they ever hit the big stage. The late nights. The early mornings. The hell weeks. The blisters and bruises. That’s where championships are forged. On empty fields, courts and courses where no one is watching. It’s that kind of commitment we share with every athlete who plays the game. And it’s our promise to every future champion. Today marks a new century of sport.

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