Wilson Staff Dual Glove

Hybrid leather/ microfiber construction for a new level of fit and performance.
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Dual Glove

- Stay soft cabretta leather palm for the ultimate in club controland comfort

- Microfiber synthetic leather top enhances comfort while improving shape retention

- Anti-microbial performance mesh dissipates heat and moisture, enhancing grip and comfort

Specifiche prodotto

Categoria giocatore Adult/ Control Player
Mano RH, LH
Materiale Hybrid Stay Soft Cabretta Leather/ Microfiber
Giocatore Contol Player
SKU Description Hand
WGJA00020L W/S Dual MLH
WGJA00020M W/S Dual MLH
WGJA00020ML W/S Dual MLH
WGJA00020S W/S Dual MLH
WGJA00020XL W/S Dual MLH
WGJA00021L W/S Dual MRH
WGJA00021M W/S Dual MRH
WGJA00021ML W/S Dual MRH
WGJA00021S W/S Dual MRH
WGJA00021XL W/S Dual MRH