Wilson Service Centre is an exciting fast growing network of independent sports dealers who are passionate about racket sports - they specialise in racket sports in general and one brand in particular - Not surprisingly the brand is - Wilson No 1 in Tennis.


Each Wilson Service Centre is equipped with the revolutionary Wilson Baiardo , the world's most technologically advanced racket stringing machine. Word has been spreading fast about the many benefits of using Baiardo . Not wanting to be left out, or left behind , many of the UK's foremost racket specialists have jumped at the chance to be among the first to use Baiardo.

Experience Wilson + Luxilon Strings
Currently there is an explosion of interest in high technology racket strings which now vary so much in feel and playability that players can experiment and find a string which complements their particular game. Many players seek effortless performance from Wilson's soft multifilaments - others looking for outstanding control from Luxilon's firmer monofilaments. Alternatively you canĀ ...

Join The Pros And Create Your Own Hybrid
Hybrid string beds are widely used on the Pro Tour. Cross strings are normally multifilament with monofilament main strings. Wilson and Luxilon strings are very different but are marketed together as they create ideal hybrids. Wilson's softer multifilaments - for power and feel - combine perfectly with Luxilon's firmer monofilaments - for outrageous spin and control, and provide the perfect string bed in any competitive player's racket.

Find out more about Wilson + Luxilon hybrid strings and other services offered by a Wilson Service Centre and where you can find your nearest Wilson Service Centre


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