Clutch Doesn't Just Happen. Train For It.

Introducing Wilson X: The Ball That Tracks Makes & Misses.

Becoming your team's go-to shooter takes hard work. And now that hard work works smarter with the Wilson X Connected basketball - the ball that tracks your shooting stats, so you can analyze the data and improve your game.

Pairs With A Cool App That Forms A Hot Hand.

Wanna become clutch? The connected ball pairs with the Wilson X App to track shooting percentage and range as you shoot your way through four addicting game modes.

Sharp Shooting Starts With A Smart Ball.

Tracks Makes & Misses An undectectable, built-in smart sensor tracks makes, misses and shot range when paired with the Wilson X app via Bluetooth.


Any Hoop - Indoors Or Out

Wilson X basketball works on any regulation 10-foot hoop with a net.

No cords

Wilson X never needs charging. Its battery runs strong for over 100,000 shots - that's 300 shots a day for a year. It also connects wirelessly with the Wilson X app through Bluetooth.

Real-time In-game Audio

The Wilson X app simulates game time situations: crowd noise, clock countdowns, horns and other cool real-time audio.

Authentic Wilson quality

Wilson X shares the game-ready qualities of all Wilson basketballs: it is regulation size and weight with an unrivaled grip and durability.

Four Modes. The More You Train, The More You Gain.

Shoot to win and better your shot in the process. Four game modes with real game situations train you to be a difference maker under pressure, so you’re ready when tip-off arrives.

Free Range

Stop and pop from 15 feet, fade away from the corner or shoot from beyond the arc. Free Range™ is the ultimate shoot-around tracker for players who want to become full-on sharp shooters.

Watch Free Range Video

Free Throw

Practice makes perfect for clutch shooters, especially from the line. Work on your routine and form while the Wilson X app keeps track of your makes, misses and lifetime attempts.

Watch Free Throw Video

Buzzer Beater

It's the last play of the game and the ball is in your hands. Can you nail the final shot under pressure as the clock counts down? Made shots add more time. Miss, and the clock keeps ticking.

Watch Buzzer Beater Video

Game Time

You're the star player leading your team against a virtual opponent in this real game simulation. Do you have what it takes to hit your shots and nail your free throws down the stretch? Only the most clutch players will come away with the win.

Watch Game Time Video

Stats turn you into a star.

Ever finish a shooting session and felt unsure how you did? With Wilson X, you'll know exactly how you did so you can track progress and identify those areas where you need focus.

In Play!


Track. Learn. Improve.

The Wilson X basketball and app show you where you're money and where you're not so hot. By tracking field goal percentage and range, you'll use those stats to sharpen your shot with Wilson X.

Share Stats With The World

Challenge friends on social with sick stats or send your numbers to coaches for analysis - all from your phone.

Wilson X Connected Basketball


The world's first attachment-free smart basketball with revolutionary Make/Miss Technology inside to track shooting stats, gamify training and make you a clutch shooter anytime, anywhere.

Wilson X Connected Basketball


The world's first attachment-free smart basketball with revolutionary Make/Miss Technology inside to track shooting stats, gamify training and make you a clutch shooter anytime, anywhere.

Product Specs & SKUs


  • Available in Official Size 29.5 (Size 7) and Intermediate Size 28.5 (Size 6).
  • High performance microfiber composite for unrivaled grip and control indoors or out.
  • Laid in channels provide a 100% composite surface for enhanced feel.
  • Wilson X exclusive cross channel panel configuration
  • Exclusive Cushion Core carcass combines sponge and standard rubber for a soft touch


  • WTB0300ID Wilson X Basketball – Official – 29.5 IN
  • WTB0301ID Wilson X Basketball – Intermediate – 28.5 IN
Shipping & Returns
  • Starting 9/15 all orders will be shipped within 24-48 hours.
  • See Customer Service for full shipping and return policy information.

Frequently asked questions

Getting Started

How do I connect my ball to my phone for the first time?

Make sure your Bluetooth is on. Then open the Wilson X app. It will guide you through the connection process by telling you to spin the ball aggressively 10 feet in the air and selecting your ball from the available ball list. After a successful connection, a red basketball icon will appear on your screen.

What if my ball won't connect with the app?

First, make sure your phone's Bluetooth is switched on. Next, check to see if the Wilson X app is open. Then aggressively spin the ball high into the air. It may help to put your phone down, so you have both hands free to spin your ball. If the ball doesn’t connect on your first re-try, close out of the app, re-launch and repeat. If the problem continues, contact our Wilson product experts at 1-800-874-5930.


What kind of hoop works best with Wilson X?

For the best shot tracking results, the ideal hoop is an indoor or outdoor 10-foot regulation goal with a long, tight net and rigid backboard and rim. Less than regulation hoops will result in slightly lower shot tracking accuracy.

Why doesn’t the Wilson X track layups, dunks or other shots less than 7 feet?

The Connected Basketball is a shooter’s ball and is designed specifically to help players improve their short, mid-range and long-range shooting.

Can I play outside and inside?

You sure can. The Connected Basketball works on any regulation 10-foot hoop with a net, so you can work on becoming your team’s go-to player virtually anywhere.

Will I need to reconnect my Wilson X ball every time I use it?

Yes. The first time you use the ball, you’ll need to connect it with your phone, so it recognizes it. After that, you’ll reconnect it to “wake it” from hibernation mode, which the ball employs to save power between shooting sessions.

Can I play Wilson X in a team game?

The Connected Basketball is game-ready, but is designed to track a single player’s shots when connected to the Wilson X app. To keep your personal shot data from mixing in with other shooters’, it’s recommended to use the ball and app during solo training sessions only.

Can I play without the sound?

Absolutely. Just go to the settings tab and turn off the sound option. And if you want to listen to your music while you’re shooting to really get in rhythm, that’s also an option.

Can I correct the app if it misreads my make/miss?

Not right now but that’s in the works for a future app update.

Why isn’t the ball tracking my shot?

Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is switched on and your ball is connected to your phone before taking a shot. Also, Wilson X is designed to track standard shots with proper rotation and arc – trick shots, passes and dribbles aren’t tracked. If your shots still aren’t registering, close out the app and restart. If the problem continues, call our Wilson product experts at 1-800-874-5930.

Will the product work with Bluetooth headphones or speakers?

Yes, but we recommend wired headphones and speakers because the basketball is connected to the phone via Bluetooth. Connecting additional Bluetooth devices may cause connection delays between your ball and your phone.


What sizes does the ball come in?

The ball comes in Official Size 29.5 (Size 7) and Intermediate Size 28.5 (Size 6).

Does the Wilson X have any attachments?

Wilson X has no attachments, making it a true game-changer. All you need to raise your game is the Wilson X Connected Basketball, the Wilson X app and a regulation hoop with a net.

Will I be able to tell if there’s a sensor in the ball?

Nope. Thanks to the rigorous development process, the Connected Basketball is designed to play at the same standard as any Wilson game ball.

Do I need to charge my Wilson X Connected Basketball?

There’s no charging necessary. The Connected Basketball comes with a non-rechargeable battery that’s good for measuring about 100,000 shots. That’s 300 connected shots a day, 5 days a week for a whole year. Think you can put up that many?

How long will the battery last?

The Wilson X basketball’s battery life is approximately 100,000 shots at a steady rate of shooting under normal conditions. You can check the shot counter on the stats page in your profile to see how many you’ve taken so far.

How do I take care of my Wilson X basketball?

The Wilson X basketball’s sensor is protected within the ball, but you should still treat it like any electronic device. Store your ball in a dry place away from excessive heat or cold.


Do I have to download the Wilson X app?

Yes, the Wilson X Basketball tracks makes and misses by connecting to the Wilson X basketball app on your phone, so you’ll need to download the app to take advantage of Make / Miss Technology™.

Where do I download the app?

The app is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

How much does the app cost?

It’s free. Swish.

Does the Wilson X app work on both iOS and Android?

It sure does. The app is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Can I play with the ball without the app?

Yes, but to preserve the ball’s battery life, it’s recommended you only play with the ball when connected to the Wilson X app.

Do I need an internet connection to use the ball?

No, the Bluetooth connection on your phone is all you need to connect to your ball and track your shot. Your shooting data is stored on your phone and uploaded anytime you’re connected to the Internet or your cellular network.

Will my Wilson X app use a lot of data?

While the amount of data used varies by how much you play, the Wilson X app is designed to exchange minimal data between the app and the cloud. If you’d like to limit your data usage even more, you can always activate airplane mode after you’ve logged in.


Where do I create a Wilson X user profile/account?

When you open the Wilson X app, it will take you through the process to create an account and user profile. Just make sure you’re connected to the Internet to create them.

How do I create a Wilson X account if I’m not 13 years old?

If you’re under 13 years old, then your parent or guardian must create an account for you using their email address.

What happens to my account information if I switch to a new phone or device?

It stays the same. Just download the Wilson X app again and sign into your account from your new phone or device.

Can a ball be used with multiple accounts?

Yes. The ball can be used by different players and connected to different devices, but can only connect to one device and one account at a time.

Can I sign onto my account from somebody else’s phone?

Sure. As long as they have the app and are logged out of it, you can sign into your account. These shots will count towards your account’s lifetime statistics.

Why do I have to create an account/user profile?

Creating a user profile allows the cloud to keep track of your shooting data in real-time and back it up for recovery. It also allows tracking of your lifetime statistics and achievements.

How do you use my email address?

Wilson never shares your email info and will only send you tips, challenges and offers from Wilson X and other Wilson products. You can opt-out of these communications at any time.

Customer Service

Who do I contact if I can’t get my ball to work?

Contact our Wilson product experts at 1-800-874-5930.