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2019 Genesis 10" Infield Baseball Glove - Right Hand Throw

39,95 €
  • The Genesis is one of the best all-around glove options for young baseball players. A full-mesh back makes it lightweight while an all-leather palm provides great feel and outstanding durability. 
    • 10" (25,40 cm)
    • Weave Web
    • Leather Palm/Web combined with ballistic nylon shell
    • Grey, Black and White
  • Artikelnummer(n) WTLGERB1910
    Kollektion Nein
    Value of the size Keine Angabe
    Handschuh Serie Genesis
    Handschuhgröße 10" (25,40 cm)
    Wurfhand Rechts
    Handschuh Typ Nein
    Altersklasse Nein
    Reihenfolge Infield
    Name des Teams Nein
    Gender (localizable) Nein
    CTA Override Message Nein