A1001 Pro Series Flat Seam Baseballs

  • The A1001, Wilson's offical college game ball, features a top-quality Grade A Full Grain leather cover and flat seams with the exact same feel and performance as used by the pro's. The Red Cushioned Cork center with Dura-Core technology, and aerodynamic flat seams, not only help the ball travel further, but also help the ball retain it's hardness and shape after repeated use.
    • Flat Seams
    • Premium Gray and White Wool
    • Red Cushioned Cork with Dura-Core Technology
    • Grade A Full Grain Leather
  • Artikelnummer(n) WTA1001BFS
    Value of the size Keine Angabe
    Center Construction Red Cushioned Cork
    Mantelaufbau Grade A Full Grain Leather
    Seam Construction Flat
    Wind Construction Premium Gray and White Wool
    Zertifizierung Nein
    Ball Diameter Nein
    Zugelassen von Nein
    Packungsgröße 12 Packung
    Gender (localizable) Nein