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MVP Retro Mini-Basketball

9,95 €

9,95 €

  • MVP Retro Mini-Basketball
  • Stretch
    Any material can stretch. But our two- and four-way stretch material in both knit and woven items retains its original shape after it's been worn, allowing you to move and your clothes to move with you. Particularly vital in fitted garments, the clothing will stretch and recover without bagging or losing its shape so that, wear after wear, you can look and feel as good as you did the first moment you fell in love with the piece off the rack.

    Imagine a single drop of moisture hitting the surface of one of our Quick-Drying items. With either a topical, inherent or fabric treatment applied, the moisture will spread out over the surface so more air can penetrate - allowing the moisture to evaporate quicker and the garment to dry faster. You should be in the pool; the pool should not be on you.

    Our Breathable fabric is designed to allow air to pass through so you can stay dry and comfortable, and cool down easily. Applied to garments in which you're likely to heat up, Breathable items allow flow through air pockets knit into the fabric, so moisture and perspiration dry quickly and you can warm up, cool down and keep on keeping on.

    Secure pocket storage
    Two-way zipper
    Adjustable open bottom for a flattering fit
    Wilson heritage-inspired design
  • Artikelnummer(n) WTB0984XB03
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    Serie MVP
    Balltyp Freizeit
    Spielertyp Kids
    Affiliation Nein
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