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MVP Elite Basketball

14,95 €
14,95 €

  • MVP Elite Basketball
    • MVP ELITE: Much like the legends of the game, the MVP Elite is the ideal combo of substance and style for every player. The All-purpose cover let's you play everywhere — schoolyard, sidewalk, gymnasium and with exceptional grip and feel, you'll be at your best wherever you play — and that's clutch.​
    • EXTENDED DURABLITY: A premium internal carcass construction provides excellent long-term durability and bounce.​
    • ALL-COURT PERFORMANCE: A durable all-surface cover makes this ball suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.​
    • IMPROVED GRIP: A tacky, pebbled cover provides enhanced grip on all types of courts.​
  • Artikelnummer(n) WTB1463XB06, WTB1460XB07, WTB14607XB07, WTB1461XB07
    Kollektion Nein
    Value of the size Nein
    Rillen-Konstruktion Granuliert
    Mantelaufbau Nein
    Spielfläche Indoor/Outdoor
    Serie Nein
    Serie Nein
    Balltyp Freizeit
    Spielertyp High School, Beginner
    Affiliation Nein
    Serie Nein
    Geschlecht Nein
    Altersklasse Nein