LABS Declassified Innovation Stories from Wilson LABS: C200

Face of the Future: The C200 Story

Known for designing some of the most steadfast irons found on any course, the instinct to innovate brought the best minds at Wilson LABS together in search of a new breakthrough design.

Wilson C200 Irons
C200 Illustration

Complementing the Crossover Player

Like most players who set out to impose their will over the course of 18 holes, Crossover (C) players want to improve their handicap. Defined as a mid to high handicap player seeking distance and accuracy in a more playable midsize offering, Wilson LABS saw an opportunity to help these golfers hit the ball faster and ultimately send it farther. A few simple questions and one concise goal lead the Wilson LABS team to one of its most significant breakthroughs yet.

How do we do something different and better?
Wilson's C200 Golf Clubs
C200 Illustration

Physics led the way forward

Countless hours of brainstorming and sketching ensued and an original idea began to form. It occurred to the Wilson LABS product design and engineering team that distance could be generated by limiting the contact between the face and body of the iron, allowing the face of the club to flex more. Additional face flex would enable the ball to stay on the face longer at impact, generating more ball speed. And with more speed comes more distance. Just like that, the Limited Point Theory was born.

C200 prototype
C200 model

Breakthrough Technology

The new theory inspired the team's unconventional approach to developing the C200. Prototypes with various numbers of teeth and holes, different sized peaks, valleys and spacing were created. CAD models and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) revealed which designs showed promise.

C200 Renderings

CT scores for one prototype topped 270, which were higher than we've seen on any driver.

A Prototype Becomes A Powerhouse

With some adjustments, the successful prototype evolved into something that far exceeded the team's expectations. Featuring FLX Face Technology, which consists of a series of holes wrapped around the head, C200 irons have set a new standard for players and product engineers alike. Powerful yet accurate, their tame, midsize packing boasts shaping inspired by irons that have won more Major championships than any other. The power of C200 irons is rivaled only by its incredible feel. Specialized TE031 Urethane fills the power holes for improved sound and feel characteristics.

The Bend that Broke the Mold

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the C200 irons are the Power Holes, which make FLX Face technology possible.

C200 Exploded View

FLX Face Technology

Minimizes face contact to only 24% of the perimeter, freeing up 76% for maximum face flex and ball speed upon impact.

TE031 Urethane

Fills the Power Holes for improved sound and feel characteristics.

Power Holes

Allow the face to flex upon impact for extreme distance.

The power holes go through the head and create voids that are refilled with urethane. The result is a face that flexes more, minimizing face contact to only 24% of the perimeter. With that, 76% of the face is free, providing maximum face flex and ball speed upon impact. In addition to creating a groundbreaking product, it was also a priority to make the C200’s state-of-the-art features visible. This would enable players to better grasp how FLX Face Technology works. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only are tour players using C200 irons, but also players with 5, 10, 15, 20 and even 30 handicaps are embracing them.

The range of players who use the C200 irons is better than we imagined.
Golfer using C200 iron

Facing the Future

The advent of FLX Face Technology is a testament to the soul of Wilson LABS. In the wake of the C200's success, Wilson LABS is currently in the process of integrating FLX Face Technology into other clubs. Curiosity, craftsmanship, innovation and peak performance inspire this world-class team to push limits and reject the status quo, giving rise to new advances in sports equipment.

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