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2020 A900 12.5" Baseball Glove

99,95 €

99,95 €

  • This 12.5" A900™ baseball glove is made for ball players looking to get an edge on the diamond. This model, available in a left- and right-hand throw, comes with a Single Post Web and is perfect for covering ground in the outfield.

    The A900™ series of Wilson baseball gloves has a clean old-school look with its British Tan and Black leather with classic Wilson Gold and Black logos. Even better -- grounders, line drives and fly balls don't stand a chance with a glove that's ready right away. There's no long winter break-in or sore knuckles punching the leather. Your A900™ will be ready when you are.
    • 12" (30,50 cm)
    • Einfachstellen-Gewebe
    • British Tan and Black Leather
    • Doppelte Innenhand-Konstruktion (Vorderseite)
    • Vollleder-Konstruktion
    • Low profile heel (front side)
  • Artikelnummer(n) WTA09RB20125, WTA09LB20125
    Kollektion Nein
    Value of the size Keine Angabe
    Handschuh Serie A900
    Handschuh Typ Nein
    Altersklasse Nein
    Reihenfolge Utility
    Name des Teams Nein
    Gender (localizable) Nein
    CTA Override Message Nein

A900 Block grid

  • Full Leather Construction

    The A900 expertly breaks in and conforms to your hand.

  • Game-Ready

    Youth players can pick up the A900 and hit the field right away.

  • Comfort & Stability

    Maximum pocket stability so your glove stands the test of time.

  • Flexible, Forgiving

    The low profile heel opens the palm and pocket, helping you handle bad hops