Carbon Force Pro Padel Paddle

220,00 €
  • Equipped with a strategically woven carbon fiber face, the new Carbon Force Pro features a menacing combination of raw power and pinpoint control. This paddle showcases a sleek, minimalist design that matches the premium performance it delivers on the court.
    • Carbon Fiber Face features a stragetically woven layer of carbon fiver that gives players the ability to hit with ultimate power
    • Tri-Hex Grip increases spin for players through a revolutionary texture
    • Sharp Hole Technology uses an advanced hole-drilling process to grab the ball and enhance bite on all hits
    • Core Foam yields a more consistent performance to go along with a super soft feel emanating from small density yellow foam
    • Padel Guard features transparent, aerodynamic tape for additional durability and protection
    • Wrist Strap attached to handle provides extra control and safety measures
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